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Get The Online Training

You Need to Succeed! 

We offer online training courses for Employers, Employees, and Individuals such as College Students, and anyone looking for that added training to have a competitive edge.

About TrainMe

Turning Point TrainMe offers a large diversity of compliant online training courses in a variety of areas and subjects.

Areas such as: 

  • Compliant Training for your Employees; Sexual harassment, management training, OSHA, etc.

  • Employee Improvement Training

  • Individual Course Training

  • Workforce Prep Courses for College Students

  • Courses geared to give you the edge on interviews 

Why TurningPoint

TrainMe Courses

  • Easy to use and access

  • Interactive and user friendly

  • Modern and up-to-date

  • Compliant with state laws

  • Provide completion certificates

  • Affordable and practical 

Increase Your Knowledge Base

Diverse Course Availability

100% Online


Certified and Compliant Courses


Courses & Live Sessions

TurningPoint has over 180+ courses in areas such as, but not limited to:
Compliance & Legal
Workplace Safety
Human Resources
Computer & IT
Soft and Hard Skill Development
Customer Service
Professional Development
Pandemic Response
Whether you are looking to advance your team, advance your career, or remain compliant, we have the courses for you! 

What Our Clients Say About TrainMe

“During these trying times I decided to take a few courses to improve my skillsets for when I return back to work. It was the best decision I could make. It has helped me land several interviews.”

Joe K.

“With NY state laws changing constantly, TurningPoint has kept my company up to date with all our compliance training. It has saved us a ton of time and money.”

Mathew M.

“There are so many different courses to choose from! It was hard to just pick a few to give to my employees. However, all I had to do was pick them out - TurningPoint did the rest!”

Danielle B.

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