About TrainMe

by: TurningPoint HCM

TrainMe is a branch of TurningPoint HCM that was developed to specialize in online training courses.

Our Mission with TrainMe is to provide courses that are: 

  • Easy to use and access

  • Interactive and user friendly

  • Modern and up-to-date

  • Compliant with state laws

  • Provide completion certificates

  • Affordable and practical 

Our Philosophy

Company Mission:
Release the pressure valve that builds in business owners whenever legal or day to day
HR issues pop-up. We create a customized solution for each client, starting fresh or
building on what is already in place. Our team builds a customized solution tailored to
meet the client's objectives while focusing on price, service and doing what is best for
the client, so it makes sense for the business and helps the owner put HR issues in their
rear view mirror.

Company Vision:
To be the preeminent expert HR firm delivering fractional HR Services across the country. We will grow the company through acquisition and retention of private business clients using a dynamic HR team who will build and execute a customized plan for each client. Our hand-selected HR Expert is matched to the client to become part of the management team because they have years of experience to draw upon. All clients and Team members will have a similar approach to business and life as the leader of Turning Point HCM, family first and growth is the only option.

Company Values
1. Family first.
2. Growth is the only option.
3. Freedom to manage your way in a changing environment.
4. Can-do self-reliant attitude.
5. Capitalize on individual’s talents and behavioral styles.

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