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How to Write an Employee Handbook


This course is a video self-help guide to writing your employee handbook. Interactive step by step videos to compiling a compliant employee handbook that will protect your company from fines, fees and lawsuits, as well as enable proper policies and procedures for your employees. Having both well-crafted and legal handbook and job descriptions are both important as the company's first line of defense in any potential lawsuit but also as the basis for sound organizational development. There are a multitude of opportunities for both handbook and job descriptions to be used as part of company culture, performance management, etc… This course will touch upon job descriptions but is mainly targeted towards the creation or editing of your Employee Handbook. There are many sound reasons to create a customized Handbook based on the policies and procedures at the firm. The handbook can provide clear written policies and procedures for all employees. At a minimum, the types of information and policies that should be addressed are: • Attendance • Use of company property • Sexual Harassment/Non-Discrimination Policies and reporting procedures • Dress code • HIPPA • Payroll, Benefits, Paid Time Off • Family Medical Leave • Social Media policy Purchase Instructions: 1. Click "Purchase Now" below! 2. Sign up with your email address (or Google or Facebook account) and set your password. 3. Fill out your payment and account information. 4. Get started!

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